CSI Celebrates It’s  20th Anniversary!!

In June Of 2023 CSI Turned 20 !


CSI Is Pleased To Announce The 2023 Award Winners!!

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The Vision Of CSI..

The focus of  CSI’s presence is to provide Curly Sport Horse  equestrian’s members the oportunity to  demonstrate both rider/owners horsemenship as well as the prowess of thier mount. This is accomplished through a variety of competetions such as riding, training and breeding etc.  These programs can be found here “Award Programs”. 

So, any future direction taken by the registry depends upon the direction guided by the membership.

CSI is totally dedicated to education, guidance, promotion and recognition for Curlies and their owners. All profits, after expenses, will be recycled back into the CSI and the development of new programs.

Regardless of the future direction, Curly Sporthorse International will always support continued improvement of the American Curly through selective breeding. CSI accomplishes this by the certification of stallions and mares for breeding purposes via sport horse inspections.

What will the future hold? Some of our ideas include sponsoring seminars for training and licensing breed judges and educational clinics. If you want a registry that not only listens to your ideas and suggestions, but takes action, join CSI!


2023 Award Winners

We have 2 "Horse of the Year" awards  for 2023 to announce! Luna Mattke riding *Tsanadu  Combined Training BN Division Bella Mattke riding *Timbuktu  Combined Training SS...

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