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2023 is the year that Curly Sporthorse International celebrates its 20th anniversary.  When Elaine E. had a vision in her mind 20 year ago she knew there was a desire and need for CSI as a registry. Many horses have been registered, many awards handed out and many happy horses and their owners have used CSI to further their goals. We will celebrate CSI’s 20th anniversary with a new limited edition Tshirt.  This Tshirt will be available for sale July 1st 2023. Contact the CSI office for more info.

A complete  CSI website overhaul has been done with new graphics, easier searching and updated forms and fees. Most of the fees have stayed the same, with a few things changed because of the ever increasing cost of postage.  Check out the forms and fees page to make sure of your cost.

About CSI

For nearly a decade Elaine Elmer was at the helm of CSI. The vision of Elaine developed into a highly successful registry, with a wildly popular community of tried and true horsepeople who want to participate in the sporthorse disciplines. Elaine’s influence has helped many breeders develop their programs. I am very honored to be follow in Elaine’s footsteps. I take on the job as “director” to guide CSI into the next decade.

Linda VavRosky
Director & President
Curly Sporthorse International

CSI was founded in early 2003 to help Curly owners and breeders, enjoy, promote, market and selectively breed Curly Sporthorses. Curly Sporthorses are one of the more popular types of Curlies, but until now, there has been no entity that offers a sport horse community where owners & breeders can share their passion, discuss and learn more about sport horse venues, sport horse training, selection, improvement of breeding stock, promotion, or marketing of horses they may have for sale or receive recognition for performance!

To date, CSI has been wildly successful, with an established community of Curly Sport Horse enthusiasts as members. CSI offers year end awards, and at the request of membership, CSI is the first and only Curly registry to offer Sport Horse Breed Stock inspections, patterned after Warmblood Approvals. In addition, CSI offers educational programs in a variety of different forms, helping members expand their horizons and progress on their path of choice with their horse, whether that is pleasure, training, competition or breeding.

CSI offers a bit of everything to any Curly Sport Horse owner or breeder. And if what you’re looking for isn’t there, just ask. CSI has placed a priority on expanding it’s offerings to meet the needs of it’s membership.

Warmest regards,

Elaine Elmer
Curly Sporthorse International


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