Award Programs


Horse of the Year Awards

Horse of the Year awards are designed to recognize Curly Sport Horses for achievement in specific divisions.

There is a $25 nomination fee payable to CSI for each level, per division for CSI HOY awards.

The Award Year for HOY awards runs from November 1st to October 31st of the following year.

CSI HOY ends each year on October 31st…..scores must be received in office by Nov 5th and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

In order to qualify for HOY awards, the horse must be registered with CSI in one of the curly “blood” divisions, excluding breeding stock improvement registered horses. The owner must be a current member, in good standing. The rider does not have to be a member of CSI.

If a horse is nominated for HOY and is sold, any show results are transferred to the new owner with the horse’s registration papers. However, it is the new owners responsibility to complete the HOY requirements in order to earn an award. By virtue of a change in rider, the horse may move into a different division, for example, the change in rider may move the horse into the “open” division.

Competitors riding horsescompeting for CSI HOY awards do not have to be members of CSI, but they must compete in the ‘open’ division, regardless of age or amateur status.

Show Report Form or Dressage tests (for ridden and driven dressage) must be postmarked within 14 days of the show date in order to count toward HOY awards.

For each HOY award offered, there will be awards in the following divisions:

Division Definition
Junior Competitor is under 22 as of January 1 of the competition year
Amateur Over 22 as of January 1 of the competition year and does not accept renumeration for teaching, riding, driving, training (please see USEF Rule Book  for details)
Accepts renumeration for riding, driving, training (please see USEF Rule Book for a more extensive definition.

Rider Performance Medal Awards

The Rider Performance Medal program is designed to encourage and recongnize achievement of individual riders pursuing the sport horse discipline of their choice. More information can be found here. 

USDF All Breed Awards

USDF All Breeds Awards are also available for USDF and CSI registered horses, excluding breeding improvement division horses. The CSI rules for “All Breeds Awards” can be found here. The USEF Rules can be found here.

General Rules

 A nomination fee may be required to participate in a particular award. Please see the individual awards pages for details. The deadline for HOY nomination is 10/1 of the competition year.

For additional informaton on specific awards, click on the links below.